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The CHANEL ONLINE OUTLET BAGS store has been permanently closed down by Order of a United States District Court, which resulted from a lawsuit that was filed against the owners and operators of the Chanel online replica bag outlet store. The Court found the replica Chanel outlet to have been offering illegal products. The products included replica Chanel items which were counterfeits being illegally produced, distributed, promoted and sold online.

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The difference between an authentic CHANEL bag and a replica Chanel bag is vast.

Replicas will often be produced with little or no attention to detail using substandard materials, neglectful workmanship, shoestring packaging, lax methods of transport and crude warehousing.

The hardware, fabric, leathers, metals and stones used on a replica are often obtained from undocumented, uncertified and unregulated sources which are expectedly part of the counterfeit trafficking trade. Metal components with rough edges, dull lusterless stones, slippery clasps, and hollow cores could contribute to the disheartening low quality of replica handbags.

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A tell-tale sign of a replica bag includes not just the low outlet price, but the cursory handling of the handbags. Care and respectful attention to products are lost to the focus on making a profit as quickly as possible.

Most often, replica handbag packaging, handling and storage are devoid of safeguards against damage. Replicas may be found to arrive with tears, chips, scuffs and deep scratches that could render the bag as appearing to be old and broken, and hence unwearable.

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